The Nurse Stripogram

Dancer arrives dressed as a nurse

  • Costume: Nurse Outfit, Doctor Outfit, fake glasses, maybe surgical mask?
  • Props: Stethoscope, giant novelty thermometer, reflex hammer


Nurse arrives in room

Says “Hello, I’m Dr.Lovely and I’m here to see Mr. {client’s name}

I’m afraid I have some bad news.  We ran some tests and we’ve determined that your penis is way too big.  Your wife has also complained of internal pain from repeated thrashing.  So we’re going to have to operated and trim that sucker down!”

Before we operate, I need to run some tests on you.

(check temperature with hand on forehead and pretend to look at your watch or clock on the wall)

It looks like you’re pretty hot and for some reason, you’re temperature is going up.  I wonder what I can do about that.


before we operate, we have to get it hard.  so let’s work on that right now.


(check heart with stethoscope)  Okay, just checking for heart beat.  (now check groin of pants, use stethoscope on outside)  I’m hearing some kind of throbbing sound down here.  Are you on any penis pills, like Viagra?  If so, you need to discontinue use as your pants can’t contain your ginormous member.