Our Guidelines

  1. Location:  Decide the proper spot for the celebration. Make sure that the dancer has enough space to perform his dance, if your party will done at a home. You should set a routine-dimensions dining area seat at the center of the chamber with some free-space around it. Keep your invitee’s, and dim the lights if relevant sitting space cozy. Please be suggested that some resorts don’t permit obnoxious guests, if your celebration is establish for a hotel-room. Call and verify first that your location of selection is entertainer-helpful. Something is for certain – your invitees yell and smashers and our studs will make you!
  2. Start time: Make sure guests and friends will be there at least thirty minutes before the entrance of our entertainer. You don’t want them waiting around or to hurry the show. Get the most from your party by ensuring everybody’s prepared for the stripper. Our entertainers typically have previous bookings both before and after your celebration.
  3. Reverence: We request which you and your invitees be respectful to our entertainers. Try and make them feel comfortable by talking about the show and offering a drink. Our dancers work hard to make money. Stripping may appear to be a straightforward occupation, but groundwork and much time goes in to it. The strippers are actual individuals and should be handled as such. The more respectful you’re, the more enjoyment everyone will have. Please avoid being impolite to them, smack them, contact them inappropriately, or attack them by any means. The dancer has every right before the hour has finished to abandon the party, if individuals are disrespectful; in this instance there would not be a refund of cash.
  4. Start time: Make sure guests and your friends will be there at least thirty minutes before the entrance of our entertainer. You may not need them waiting around or to run the show. Get the most from the expertise by ensuring everybody’s prepared for the present. Our entertainers typically have preceding bookings both before and after your celebration.
  5. Tipping: It’s your obligation to ensure all the guests bring cash to spend, if you’re the contact man for the celebration. The show-up fee is provided to the dancer from the beginning of the show and that pays for their time and transportation costs. It’s custom to tip your stripper, and each entertainer has set games they play with the crowd that are priced at different levels.  Initially, the games are less pricey and moderate, but as the nighttime goes on the games get wild and higher priced. To ensure the wildest and most outrageous time for the invitees, we urge that each invitee come with $20 to $50 to invest, according to what they’d like to see.
  6. Requested Entertainers: We try to supply the requested entertainer(s) but in instances where conditions are beyond our control, and your chosen entertainer(s) become unavailable, we shall supply alternative entertainer(s). Each of our dancers are gorgeous and talented and therefore exceptional, we understand you will have an excellent time no matter who entertains your party.