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GENTLEMEN’S CLUB The sultry ladies of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club have made this landmark attraction a must-see when headed to Sin City. With 25,000 square feet of pure adult entertainment, this sensual venue intoxicates guests with some of the most gorgeous women on the West Coast. In need of a little privacy? Well, at Hustler’s there are 15 private ‘Honey Suites’ available to give you all the seclusion you may need to fully enjoy the luscious ladies of Larry’s club. Ample seating and multiple stages allow for great vantage points. Plus, who can resist the sexy boutique where pleasing accessories are available for purchase when the night ends.
After seeing Woody Harrelson portray Larry Flynt in “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” you probably got a little interested in what the Hustler brand was all about.

You stopped by that adult store by your house for the “first” time and picked up a couple Hustler magazines for what you called “research.” Well, before you knew it you were a subscriber to the magazine.

It’s OK, we won’t tell.

But now that you’ve booked this trip to Vegas you might as well take your research one step further and step foot into Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. The beauties you’ve seen in the magazines might actually be making a guest appearance for the night.

Supposedly the world biggest strip club, Hustler is a mecca to a classic Sin City industry. At four stories (including the basement) and 70,000 square feet, there isn’t much that they didn’t fit in this club. There is even a full retail shop where you can buy T-shirts, hats or maybe a nice outfit for your wife to wear when you try to relive your Hustler experience back home.

Hustler isn’t one of those joints tucked into some dark alley. First, you can’t miss it when you’re driving on I-15, just look for the gleaming white building that is bigger than anything around it. And if for some reason that fails, there is a 50-foot swirling flame coming out from the roof to guide you.

Upon entering you have a choice, go straight ahead and up the stairs to the second level (really the main level) or turn left to where you can barely make out the bar. If you go straight ahead, you’ll likely miss two stages of action along with ample VIP booths.

Bars run along two walls with the seating and stages tucked in between. The stages are separated by more seating with plenty of chairs available at the bottom of the stages where your hard-earned dollars can be thrown to your heart’s content.

But before you get too excited from the 600 dancers on staff, we suggest you look up. The second-story catwalk and two stages are viewable from the bottom level thanks to some fine glass work. After watching a few sets from below it’s bound to tempt you to go upstairs.

When you reach the second level we suggest taking yourself on a tour through the hallway where the Honey Suites reside. Here you will get a glimpse of what VIP treatment at Hustler is all about. The private rooms feature their own door and a flat-screen TV. There are two Grand Honey Suites, but one of those is reserved for Larry Flynt himself and the other for the marketing and promotions director.

The DJ booth sits next to the biggest of the Honey Suites and right beside the glass stage. The Honey Suites that line the catwalk also serve as semi-sky boxes with views of the stages on both levels.

Flynt would be remiss if he stopped here, though. Take the stairs (or elevator if you’ve had a few drinks) to the roof deck where patio seating awaits, along with another bar and even some inflatable hot tubs if you wish. If you’d like to move that lap dance under the stars, that’s available as well.

The other thing that might shock you is how bright the club is. Sure it’s not like you’re standing out in the sun at noon, but for a strip club it’s pretty close. Considering the crop of celebrated dancers that will grace the stage, you won’t have to worry about keeping the lights low.

Before you know it, your subscription could go to the back burner and with all the new Hustler Club has to offer we wouldn’t blame you.

Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Club Package Includes:

  • Complimentary round trip limo ($70 value)
  • Waived cover charge ($30 value)
  • 2 drinks per person
  • All for $33 per person