Frequently Asked Questions

Are the guys on your site for REAL and not just a FAKE PIC?

Yes the pictures are of guys who are real and hand picked by Steve Kim.  Most of the time, Steve knows the dancer personally.

When should I reserve my dancer?

We recommend that you book your dancer as early as possible. We are capable of providing same-day service, but booking early gives you the widest choice of entertainers available. Our entertainers’ schedules get filled up early, and they are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, if you need entertainment today, don’t hesitate to call us, but remember that the earlier you call, the better. Early reservations are also needed for events that will require our dancers to travel.

When should I pay?

If you want the GUARANTEE that the dancer of your choice will be at your party on the chosen date and time, a 50% deposit is required.  Otherwise, we can book your party but there is no GUARANTEE.  Meaning another party can book that dancer if they choose to pay a deposit.  A deposit holds on to your dancer and prevents anyone else from booking them at the same date/time as yours.  So it’s your choice to pay a deposit or take a chance and hope no one else books him.

Do the guys get all the way naked?

Our guys are asked to strip down to their underwear or g-string.  If you want them nude, that discussion is completely up to you and the dancer. We abide by the rules of the city of Las Vegas and do not offer escort services, only party entertainment.

Are we allowed to take pictures?  How much does it cost?

Pictures are free! And you can take them as long as they are tasteful.  Please don’t take embarrassing pictures of the dancers (no zoomed in butt shots or anything else in poor taste).  Please use discretion when posting photos on popular sharing sites such as Instagram or Facebook.  In other words, don’t post embarrassing pictures of our dancers.  You wouldn’t want someone doing the same thing to you!

Is there a refund policy?

You are entitled to a refund of your deposit if a dancer does any of the following:

  • Does not show up for the party
  • Shows up for the party but isn’t ready (Dancer must be in costume and have music prepared)
  • Sends a substitute in his place without your prior approval

Why are your rates higher than the competition?

We take great care in finding, training and providing you with the BEST male entertainers in Las Vegas.  We are professional and the only strip agency with a refund policy.  Beware of other amateur stripper websites.  You get what you pay for!

The bachelorette is very conservative and shy.  Will the dancer be aggressive or can he be a gentleman and dance conservatively?

Our dancers are trained to entertain at the comfort level of our clients.  Whether you want a safe and friendly dance or a wild and crazy one, simply communicate what you want with the dancer ahead of time.  He will come and dance appropriately.  Our dancers are taught how to relax the guest of honor and how to make her feel comfortable and have a great time!

How do I book a dancer?

Simply go to our Booking Page and follow the instructions.  After we receive your request, we will check availability of the dancer(s) you chose.  Once confirmed, we request a 50% deposit ahead of time to reserve your dancer for your selected date and time.

Why are some dancers more expensive than others?

Our men are allowed to choose their own rates.  Our default rate is $175/half hour or $225/full hour.  Some of our men are very popular and have been featured in world famous male revues such as Chippendales, American Storm and Hollywood Men.  One of our dancers, Dante, was recently featured in Playgirl Magazine.  These men have great experience, are very good at entertaining, and are guaranteed to rock your party!

 What do I need to do to prepare for a dancer for a private (bachelorette, birthday, divorce, fun, etc) party?

All you need to do is have your place ready for some action!  Our dancers come fully prepared with the following:

This is a surprise for the bachelorette.  How do I get a hold of the dancer before the party?  I want to make sure he does/says certain things to make this a great surprise.

No problem!  Once we’ve booked your party, we’ll get you in touch with your dancer and you can communicate how you want him to come in and surprise your guest of honor.

How do I know these guys are of the highest quality?

I (Steve Kim) have personally hand picked these dancers.  I have danced for over a decade in Las Vegas and know 90% of all the male dancers in the top male revues.  My friends dance for shows such as: Chippendales, Thunder from Down Under, American Storm, Men of the Strip, Sapphire, Men of X, Olympic Garden, and LaBare.  I want ONLY THE BEST men working for MDT (Male Dancers Today).  These men are professional, experienced, great looking and amazing dancers.  I also make sure to quality check every one of them.  After they dance for your party, I or my assistant will call you to follow up on your experience.  We check to make sure they a) arrive on time b) charge the correct amount c) entertain to your satisfaction.  If any of our men are found to delinquent in these areas, they are subject to punishment or termination.  We are strict about our guidelines and want to make sure your event is a night you’ll always remember!