Planning a Las Vegas bachelor party isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You have to make all of the arrangements for where the party is going to be and figure out how to get all of the things that you are going to need for a party to the place (here’s a hint, rent a car.) You are going to be the one who is responsible if the party is a dud or not, and you sure don’t want that to happen if you guys are flying all the way out to Vegas. Let’s give you a few tips and tricks that will help you out:

It’s not easy to plan a Las Vegas bachelor party.  Where will the party be held at?  A house?  A hotel room?  A private suite?  And how will you get around?  You’ll need transportation (car, party bus, limo etc).  If you’re the man in charge and you want to make sure your party is a success and not a failure, then read ahead for the best advice, tips and tricks for making your bachelor party a blast and not a dud!

Stay Away From Strip Clubs

Strip clubs (also known as Gentleman’s Clubs) are places where you can go to buy alcohol and get some lap dances.  The strippers at strip clubs are notorious for being scandalous or “hustlers” and there goal is to talk you into going into the VIP room as soon as possible.  They want to extract as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Also the club itself is a ripoff with their overpriced admission (some cover charges start at $50 per person).  The drinks are very expensive, usually 2-3 times the average price of a local bar.  The security, coat check, VIP host, waitress, bartender all expect a tip, besides the dancer herself.  Most strip clubs hire as many girls as possible as they believe the more the better.  They don’t have the highest standards and often girls who are rude or pushy or aggressive are allowed to work because the club just wants more girls as much as possible. 

Gamble As Much As You Like

Why waste money gambling in the casino when you can do it in your own hotel room / suite?  The money you save on drinks is worth it alone!  Use the money you save to hire some sexy card dealers or strippers instead.  

Rent A Home or Clubhouse (Private Residence)

Why rent a home instead of a hotel room?  Well, the most obvious reason is smoking weed.  Weed (marijuana) is legal in Las Vegas, but you can’t just smoke it anywhere.  You are not supposed to smoke weed in a hotel room, car, or in public.  You can only smoke in a private residence.  So we recommend buying weed from a local dispensary (stay away from the strip, those dispensaries are much more expensive!) and then rent an AirBNB and now you can smoke as much weed as you like!

Bring The Strip Club To You

Hiring a stripper from an established and verified outcall agency.  These agencies should be licensed and insured in Clark County.  If they are operating illegally, they are often a criminal establishment and therefore the most dangerous to work with.  Beware!

A stripper agency, such as Love Bunnies, has a roster of beautiful girl strippers to choose from.  You can order these girls over the phone or online and you can also keep yourself anonymous if needed.  The girls will come to your hotel room or AirBNB and bring the party to you!  The girls will pay more much attention to you and your friends than if you were at the strip club.  At your home, you have total control and you get 100% of their attention and gratitude 😉

We bring the club to you.  Meaning we bring everything needed to turn your party up!  Party lights and loud speakers are placed in corners of the room.  Pillows and sexy sheets and placed in the middle of the room to give your party a more sexy comfortable vibe.  The girls have different outfits, adult toys, pleasure instruments, you name it!  This is an experience you can NOT find at any club in Vegas.

Wild Entertainment only hires the best strippers.  See our agency site for more information.  We hand pick the best girls from thousands of applicants.  We make sure our girls are safe, background checked, look just like their pictures and videos (if not better), and we ensure that they have warm sweet fun personalities and are nowhere close to the pushy aggressive strippers you find at most clubs.